About Us

Many associate MakerCAM with the free browser-based CNC software for creating g-code from SVG files. The original MakerCAM software, based on the original PartKam software by Jack Qiao, was one of the most popular CAM software options a few years ago.

Since then other CNC/CAD-CAM programs have become more common – with all-in-one solutions like Inventables’ Easel, Carbide 3D’s Create, and more specific software like GRBL Candle, V-Carve, LinuxCNC, Mach3 and 4, UGS and Openbuilds Control.

At MakerCAM, we now publish CNC software guides and how-tos, and try to help makers get the best experience from their CNC router or other types of machine, laser engraver or cutter, as well as some guides to 4×8 CNCs, plasma tables, 3D printers, and anything else we love to talk about.